Wide Scaffolding

This double-width scaffolding tower allows for two platforms
to be fitted per level and has a built-in ladder frame to assist movement. This model offers enhanced stability and is preferred when accessing heights above 7 metres due to its large base area coverage.

Product Code: WID

Product Features:

  • Double platform tower for wider working space
  • Ladder frame allows easy ascent to the top
  • Light weight, easy assembly/ disassembly method, non-corrosive and visually appealing tower compared to steel
  • Braces, rungs and pipes fluted for extra grip and strength
  • Precise uniform tig welding and notching performed to secure parts firmly
  • Maximum working height 16m; towers above 10m must
    be secured to another structure
  • Stabilizers, sand ballast provide further stability
  • Heavy duty 8” wheels with brake and release option,
    capable of holding up to 600kg load capacity/wheel
  • Option to work at several heights at one time, by using additional platforms

Table of Measurements:
Technical features are indicative and can be modified without prior notice. Customised sizes possible based on request & MOQ.

*Optional items recommended as per highest safety standards 

*Optional items recommended as per highest safety standards 

Product Applications:

  • Installation works
  • Maintenance
  • Ceiling and A/C work
  • Painting contractors
  • Construction work
  • Industrial use
  • Cleaning jobs