Stairway Scaffolding

The stairway scaffolding provides optimum safety owing to its staircase system, alongside its handrail feature. It is ideal for
large load capacity climbing, in addition to allowing access to elevated heights.

Product Code: STRWY

Product Features:

  • Heavy-duty staircase for ascent from within tower, makes
    it safest scaffolding option
  • Walkthrough frame with step
  • Railing for hand grip; allows materials to be carried at
    same time, instead of less safer-hoisting methods
  • Wider trapdoor to accommodate ascent through staircase
  • Available as a double landing or as a single landing staircase
  • Single landing staircase allows work to be carried out at different levels and for complete accessibility at top of tower, as compared to double landing staircase
  • Light weight, easy assembly/disassembly method
  • Non-corrosive and visually appealing tower
    compared to steel
  • Maximum working height 16m; towers above 10m must
    be secured to other structure
  • Option to work at several heights at one time by using additional platforms

Table of Measurements:
Technical features are indicative and can be modified without prior notice

*Average size of man’s reach from foot to outstretched hand is 2.0 m

*Average size of man’s reach from foot to outstretched hand is 2.0 m

Product Applications:

  • Installation works where hoisting materials is difficult or dangerous
  • For highest safety ascent