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Full Fibreglass Ladder

The FFL is non-conductive, anti-fungal, non-corrosive and lighter than the wooden alternative. Built entirely of fibreglass, this ladder is ideal for Zone 1 environments, sewerage access and industrial applications that demand highly electrically resistant materials.

Product Code: FFL

Product Features:

  • Fibre step construction not only provides great load
    bearing capacity, serration also ensures good grip
  • Fibreglass box profiles channels provide greater load capacity than C-channel variations
  • Optional rubber shoes with anti-slip function
  • Optional GI/SS brackets to fix permanently to walls,
    for vertical access
  • Materials are resistant to electricity, temperature
    variations and corrosion

Table of Measurements:
Technical features are indicative and can be modified without prior notice


Product Applications:

Applicable for:

  • Zone 1 Environments in Oil & Gas Industries
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Industries
  • Sewerage