Fibreglass Platform Ladder

The FGPF is an industrial-grade platform ladder with fibreglass stiles and aluminium (steps and platform). It is an electrically non-conductive ladder, which can be used for medium duty work like inspection, commissioning, installation and/or repairs. Platform allows the user to stand comfortably for long periods at a time.

Product Code: FGPF

Product Features:

  • Wide fibreglass channel for grip and extra strength
  • Aluminium steps reduce overall weight without reducing protetion level
  • Wide slip resistant aluminium steps for comfortable
    standing over long periods of time
  • Front ascent only meant for single person use
  • Platform (320mm X 340mm) with aluminium chequered perforations enhances strength and duress
  • 74° angle positioning and conical construction ensures safety when standing upright
  • Designed using equilateral triangular support in order to prevent lateral movement
  • Easily foldable for storage
  • 700mm high guardrail with aluminium tool holder
  • Optional handrail with chain available on request

Table of Measurements:
Technical features are indicative and can be modified without prior notice

* Average size of man’s reach from foot to outstretched hand is 2.0 m

* Average size of man’s reach from foot to outstretched hand is 2.0 m

Product Applications:

Ideal for all high voltage environments for works to be carried out for long duration:

  • Cabling Works
  • Firefighting Industry
  • MEP Works
  • CCTV Installations