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Bulwark Ladder

The Bulwark ladder is ideal for marine, construction and industrial uses. The wide steps enable effortless ascent/descent, and enable it to withstand large load capacities. It is commonly used to access elevated platforms and loading bays.

Product Code: BLWRK

Product Features:

  • Also use in steel access scaffolding.

  • Can be used for trailer/container access.

  • To traverse higher platform/podium levels.

  • Various locking provisions based on area of use.

  • Max 5 metre length (above 3m additional bracing provisions may be required).

  • 45° slant/slope ideal for ascent and descent (60° also available).

  • Sturdy 38mm o/d handrail for safer assisted climb (single or double handrail is possible).

Standard Dimensions:

Step angle: 45° (standard) / 60° (optional)

Step interval: 200mm (45°) / 250mm (60°)

Step depth: 240mm (45°) / 180mm (60°)

Step width: min 500mm - max 1000mm

Handrail height: based on ladder angle

Vertical height: from 1m to 5m

For steel access scaffolding:

1) Ledger dimensions
2) Pipe/tube dimensions
3) Handrail options
4) Load capacity